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Blue Cross Insurance

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You’re here. This means that you are shopping for Insurance. More specifically, Health Insurance. Congratulations, you have made the first step towards securing you very own health plan that will protect you and your loved ones from the financial risks associated with future health problems and unforeseen accidents.

If you are 100% sure what you need in your plan, you can go right to our online application for Medavie Blue Cross. All you have to do is answer a few questions to get a no-obligation quote. Then you will be given the option of completing a no-obligation online application. Simple.

Once things are processed, I will call or email you to arrange signatures of you formal policy. This can be done online, or in person if you prefer.

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If you are not sure what you need in your health insurance plan don’t worry, that is why I’m here to guide you, and make the process as simple and easy as possible. Over the years we have helped thousands of people secure health insurance and we can help you too. If you’d like to read what our clients think about us you can find their comments at the bottom of this page, or jump there now by clicking this link.

If you’d like to get started you can reach me:

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If you’d like to learn more about the features of Medavie Blue Cross, you can continue reading this page. And remember…if you need clarification on anything that you read below, we are just a phone call away at 709-706-BLUE (2583).

Medavie Blue Cross Insurance

You can’t predict what might happen next in life, but you can guarantee that with comprehensive coverage from Medavie Blue Cross, you’ll be prepared for any health problems the future might bring. Arranging your plan before you get sick ensures coverage for your day to day expenses as well as any future costs. If you wait until you get sick to discuss your health insurance options, your existing medical conditions will not be covered and you will have to pay for the costs associated with your illness. If you have a pre-existing condition call now to see what your options are.

Each province has a certain level of medical coverage for its residents, such as surgeries and doctor’s visits, however outside of hospital costs such as prescriptions aren’t covered and can be very expensive. Having a personal medical coverage means that you’ll always be able to access affordable health care and won’t have to pay out of pocket if you become ill or injured.

Some Examples of Real World Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Buying prescriptions and other necessary items have become part of our daily lives. However, most of us don’t realize how a bunch of smaller expenses can really add up. To illustrate this point, we have listed some of the most common out of pocket health expenses for a standard family:
Annual Medical ExpenseYour Expected Cost
Three full eye exams$360
Contacts / Glasses $520
Massage therapy$225
Blood pressure medication$245
Three dental cleanings$480
Two fillings$260
Root Canal$560

Of course, these are just the average every day family expenses. This list does not include some other very expensive health treatments such as:

  • Cancer drugs taken outside of a hospital setting (which can easily cost thousands),
  • Drugs & medical devices associated with heart attack and stroke (which can easily cost thousands),
  • Medical devices required after a serious accident (costs hundreds to thousands),
  • Diabetic supplies (costs hundreds to thousands per year),

When you consider all of these potential expenses, it makes good sense to own a quality Health Insurance Plan. Don’t you think?

If this makes sense to you, why wait? e-mail Francis for a FREE no-obligation personalized quote today

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Medavie Blue Cross Health Insurance Plans

Medavie Blue Cross is the most trusted name in health insurance. With over 75 years of experience is providing excellent health insurance to Atlantic Canadians. As a highly experienced insurance agent and one of the largest providers of individual Medavie Blue Cross insurance products in the region, experience shows that everyone has different priorities when it comes to their health. The Medavie Blue Cross Health Insurance options reflect this through the variety of plans available, and the flexibility they allow—each plan to be tailored to suit your needs. Want to know more? Download this helpful guide or call for a consultation.

Benefits of Medavie Blue Cross Insurance

  • Prescription costs can be very expensive. With Medavie Blue Cross, you’ll pay as little as 20% to a maximum of $50 to fill your prescription.
  • Medavie Blue Cross never caps the amount they’ll cover for medications. Ask how you can get 100% coverage.
  • Your plan belongs to you. You control your plan so you’re free to move to a new job or embark on a new career without worrying if your family will remain covered.
  • Your plan will reimburse you for a portion of the cost of routine but costly expenses such as visits to the dentist or optometrist and eyeglasses. Some plans even cover massage therapy, trips to the naturopath, and acupuncture as well as hearing aids and orthopedic shoes.
  • You’re also entitled to a reimbursement on medical equipment, like wheelchairs, motorized scooters, hospital beds, and you’ll never run out of coverage.
  • Accidents and illnesses can be expensive and you might find that should you become ill or unable to work, that your coverage will pay for itself.

Personal Health Insurance

Medavie Blue Cross offers you the flexibility to create a plan that will address your family’s unique needs. With the Elements Plans—Entry, Essential and Enhanced—you can avoid paying for unexpected medical costs and your plan could include vision care, dental care, prescriptions and even enhanced coverage like hospitalization and travel. Call today to learn more or look at the Elements Comparison chart and our other helpful resources.

Assured Access Insurance

Group health benefits can change with very little notice. To be sure that you’ll be covered after a change in your circumstances you’ll want Assured Access insurance. Assured Access protects you from losing your access to prescription drugs, chiropractor visits, dentist check-ups, and appointments with the physiotherapist or optometrist. This coverage is based on your health status at the time the plan was originally purchased and will be available to you if you retire, change jobs, or lose your group benefits for any other reason so call now when you’re healthy to guarantee your coverage.

Individual Dental Plan

If you’re covered for health insurance through your company’s group plan but do not have access to dental coverage, you might be able to qualify for a stand alone Medavie Blue Cross dental package. The individual dental plan can cover costs like routine dentist visits, exams, x-rays, and fillings as well as extractions. Dental costs can add up very quickly, so adding this stand alone plan to your existing coverage makes good financial sense. Call to find out how much this kind of plan might cost you —it could be less than a few trips to the dentist!

Health insurance is like any other insurance; you buy it when you’re healthy and hope you never have to use it. So, are you ready to get the medical coverage you and your family deserve? Book a meeting directly into my calendar today to discuss which package is best for your needs.

If this makes sense to you, why wait? e-mail Francis for a FREE no-obligation personalized quote today

Or call any time 709-706-2583

Client Reviews

Over the years we have provided insurance services to thousands of clients. A couple of them share their thoughts below.

“I needed Medical Insurance to supplement my provincial plan”

Returning from working abroad for a number of years, I needed to get medical insurance to supplement my provincial plan. This was challenging as I did not know where to start. I reached out to Francis to enquire about my options and was very pleased with the speed with which he responded to my initial email with the information that I sought.

During our interactions he was consistently helpful and informed and was able to fully explain the details of the plans I was enquiring about. He is always been thoroughly professional and in addition makes every effort to match the requirements of his client to the available options.

Also he kept me fully informed about the progress of my application, and all in all was a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend anyone to turn to Francis for their medical insurance needs.

Judy M
St. John’s, NL

“Way Better than a call center”

Francis is great. He handles my family’s healthcare plan. Anytime I have any question or concerns I can call him and he handles it.

It’s great dealing with someone personally rather than calling into a call center and being treated like a number in a case file. You can’t get service like that these days.

Happy to have met Francis. He’s made the whole process a lot simpler

Mike W,
St. John’s, NL