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Medavie Easy access & Preferred Access Life Insurance

If you can answer “no” to 4 basic health questions you will be eligible for up to $35,000 in life insurance with premiums that will never increase.

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Non-Medical Life Insurance

Non-medical life insurance is often referred to as "no medical" or "easy access" life insurance. This is because you are not required to undergo a medical exam and you only have to answer four health and lifestyle related questions to qualify. In contrast, regular life insurance usually requires medical exams, needles, or doctor reports.

If you have a existing medical condition, this medical requirement can obviously cause you problems. You could be rated higher (which would cost more), or even worse, you could be turned down. This won't happen with Non-Medical Life Insurance.

Suppose you are in good health, but you're not interested in visiting your GP, or you’re afraid of needles Non-Medical Life Insurance could be for you.

With Non-Medical Life Insurance you won’t have to worry about medical reports and test results. We can provide you with accessible, full-featured coverage to you regardless of health condition, whether you are in good health or hard-to-insure. Whatever your health history, age, or income, we’ll work alongside you to help you choose the best coverage to meet your unique needs. This gives you the confidence of knowing that your family will be able to pay for any costs at the end of your life.

What are the benefits of a Medavie Blue Cross Non-Medical Life Insurance plan?

Like a standard life insurance policy, non-medical life insurance provides your family with a payment when you die. Now you won't leave with them with large debts. All Medavie Blue Cross Easy Access and Preferred Access, plans for people between the ages of 40 and 85 include:

  • premiums guaranteed for life, payable up to age 100
  • monthly rates starting at $20 or $200 annually
  • amounts up to $35,000 to be paid out upon your death
  • no medical exam to qualify:no waiting period should you die suddenly
  • coverage amounts guaranteed for the duration of your policy and will never be reduced
  • double the policy amount if you die in an accident
  • cash back if you cancel your plan

How do I qualify for Non-Medical Life coverage?

During our meeting, we’ll run through a handful of non-medical questions and provide you with a free no-obligation quote. We look forward to helping provide you and your loved ones peace of mind with the best coverage available!

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