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Life is Filled with risk. Fortunately, a Quality Health Insurance Plan can help you lower the financial risks that often follow a Serious Injury or Illness.

You know what many of these risks are. I bet you have friends, family members or co-workers that have dealt with one or more of the following:

You probably know someone who has experienced the devastating financial  hardships that followed a Serious Illness or Injury.

You know that drug costs keep going higher and higher. You probably know someone who spends thousands per year on prescriptions, or other medical aids. Statistically most of us will eventually need some form of long term medication.

You know that dental costs keep going higher and higher. While fillings and root canals are expensive, serious dental procedures can cost thousands.

You know that if you lose you job, you lose you insurance. You may get a new job, but there may be no insurance plan, even worse if you have a condition, you might not be insurable at all.

You know the risks, you also know how to deal with them. Get your own Blue Cross Health Insurance now.

Why? Because the best time for you to get Health Insurance is now...before you get sick or seriously injured. There will never be a better time than today.

To get started, call Francis Kelly at 709-706-BLUE (2583). If you'd prefer e-mail enter your name and one point of contact in the blue email form on this page. All it takes is a few minutes over the phone, or a few emails and we'll have designed a custom health plan that fits your needs. Then you'll receive your free, no-obligation quote to read at your leisure. The whole process costs you nothing until you actually agree to, and sign your policy.

Please note that if you are uncomfortable with meeting in person, the entire process (right down to your final signatures) can be done virtually, by email or by Fax. Your choice!

Directly below, you'll find comments from several of our satisfied clients. This will tell you all you need to know about how easy we'll make this for you, and how we look after people.

insurance to supplement my provincial plan

During our interactions he was consistently helpful and informed and was able to fully explain the details of the plans I was enquiring about. He is always been thoroughly professional and in addition makes every effort to match the requirements of his client to the available options.Also he kept me fully informed about the progress of my application, and all in all was a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend anyone to turn to Francis for their medical insurance needs.
Judy M
St. John’s, NL

“It’s great dealing with someone personally rather than calling into a call center”

Francis is great. He handles my family’s healthcare plan. Anytime I have any question or concerns I can call him and he handles it. It’s great dealing with someone personally rather than calling into a call center and being treated like a number in a case file. You can’t get service like that these days. Happy to have met Francis. He’s made the whole process a lot simpler
Mike W,
St. John’s, NL

"Greatest service that I have ever seen from an insurance agent"

For me, it's easy to see why Francis Kelly is a leading agent for Medavie Blue Cross in Atlantic Canada. He puts his clients first! We have received the best advice and the greatest service that I have ever seen from an insurance agent. He put his over 20 years of experience to work to get me and my family the best insurance coverage that suited our needs and budget. Thank you so very much.
Dave T.
Conception Bay South