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Question: When is the right time to buy health insurance?
Answer: Today.

Why? Because investing in health insurance now (when you are healthy) is one of the smartest financial decisions you will ever make. Most of us think that investing only applies making stock market returns. However there is another way to invest. You invest in insurance to avoid huge financial loss. We all do this to protect our homes and vehicles without having a second thought. But what about financial losses associated with getting sick?

A serious health issue can strike you at any time. That is just a reality. A Quality Health Insurance Plan such as Medavie Blue Cross is the only way to avoid the high out of pocket cost of a catastrophic health event. As you get older (by your mid-forties) the likelihood of becoming ill increases. Statistically, the older we get, the more likely it is that you will develop a lifestyle illness such as:  Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke and Diabetes.

What You Can Do About This

If you could foresee the future, you would know when catastrophic accidents and health problems would occur.  Then you could simply buy insurance the day before it happens! Of course, none of us knows when these things will happen. When investing in the stock market it is usually impossible to time the market because unexpected events occur. Historically the best approach to investing is to buy quality stocks when you are young, and hold them.

Historically, the best strategy to prevent health related financial losses is to buy a quality health insurance plan early, and keep it!  A Comprehensive Personal Health Insurance Plan from Medavie Blue Cross guarantees you access to affordable treatments and saves you from having to pay thousands out of pocket.

Medavie Blue Cross offers coverage that goes above and beyond their competitors. Call Francis Kelly TODAY for a Free, No-obligation, Personalized Health Insurance Quote! Or email me using the form that is directly on the left of this page. Let me put my experience, knowledge and exceptional customer service to work for you. 

If you become ill or injured, it is very unlikely that you would qualify for a Health Insurance Plan. This will leave you without health and drug coverage at a time when you truly need it the most, and possibly for the rest of your life. Provincial Health Plans do not cover prescription drugs, dental work or even treatments outside of the hospital or doctor's office. I'm sure that you know that these things are very expensive.

Yet each year thousands of uninsured people face an unexpected health problem and in the blink of an eye their health-related bills soar into thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. This leaves you stressing about you financial security at a time when you should be focusing on getting better. You can prevent this from happening to you and your family. Call us now: In Nova Scotia: 902-240-1191. In Newfoundland & Labrador: 709-706-2583. Let us help you get started.

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Client Testimonials

"I highly recommend Francis to be a most reliable and knowledgeable Health Insurance Specialist"

Recently I have needed help with medical insurance. Using the phone and expecting help can be quite daunting. I was very fortunate to leave a message that was promptly answered by Francis Kelly. Not only was Francis a reassuring, dependable voice - he took action in helping me to solve my issue. I highly recommend Francis to be a most reliable and knowledgeable Health Insurance Specialist. He assured and took action.

K J Coutts, Halifax, Nova Scotia

"Greatest service that I have ever seen from an insurance agent"

For me, it's easy to see why Francis Kelly is a leading agent for Medavie Blue Cross in Atlantic Canada. He puts his clients first! We have received the best advice and the greatest service that I have ever seen from an insurance agent. He put his over 20 years of experience to work to get me and my family the best insurance coverage that suited our needs and budget. Thank you so very much.

Dave T. CBS, Newfoundland & Labrador

Medavie Health Foundation

One of the many reasons I am an agent for Medavie Blue Cross is their generous support of communities right here in Atlantic Canada. As a not-for-profit organization, they invest in our communities through charitable giving, with a focus on healthy and active living, youth mental health and post-traumatic stress. As one of Canada’s leading health insurers, Medavie Blue Cross is helping Atlantic Canadians and their families stay healthy and live well by offering benefit plans that are unparalleled by their competitors. I am proud to offer these superior products to my current and future clients

"For me, it's easy to see why Francis Kelly is a leading agent for Medavie Blue Cross in Atlantic Canada. He puts his clients first!"

Other Services

I am licensed to provide you with other types of insurance to supplement your existing coverage. I can help you protect your family's financial security with Life Insurance in case of your premature passing. There are many options to choose from.

Your greatest asset is your ability to earn a living, I can help you protect your paycheck and your family's future with Disability Insurance.

A Critical illness, such as cancer, heart attack or stroke can happen to anyone at any time. A Critical Illness Policy pays out tax free lump sum payment of $25,000 up to $250,000. I can help you figure out the type and amount of Insurance that is best for you. In times like this, the extra cash helps your family to focus on the recovery, not the bills that are piling up.

We have all heard horror stories about Canadians becoming ill or injured and stuck in hospital in a foreign country.  Why take this risk? Protect yourself on your next vacation with Travel Insurance.